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Entertainer, Speaker, Dreamer...

Joel Meyers is a young interactive illusionist who has already taken the world by storm, performing a progressive brand of magic with ordinary objects for audiences of all types worldwide. Newsweek magazine says Joel quite simply "will capture your imagination.”

Joel’s varied and impressive résumé includes everything from star performances off Broadway, to countless shows for Fortune 500 Companies, major corporations, numerous TV appearances, charities, Universities, and celebrities, to a tour in China. He was named 2014 Best Rising Star and was nominated for two Campus Magazine awards for 2014.

Joel’s combination of magic and stagecraft is not only creative but also unequaled within the performing arts. Always working toward the inspirational idea that nothing is impossible he has an amazing way of taking his audiences with him on his magical excursions and he is only beginning his quest.


Over 1000 college performances.

Wizard Wars Finalist on SyFy.

Most booked college magician working today in the USA.

Performed private shows for Al Pacino and Brad Pitt.

Winner Best Small Venue Performer 2013 Campus Magazine Winner 2014 Best Rising Star College Life Awards.

For more info, check out his website: www.meyersmagic.com



International Mentalist...Hypnotist...Magician...

Canada’s Got Talent Finalist and star of Guzzo Magic series with over 6 million viewers! Spidey was nominated Canadian Magician of the Year and was featured on Discovery Channel and SyFy’s Wizard Wars with NBC Universal dubbing him a “Mentalist Marvel!” for his awe-dropping mental demonstrations.

This international entertainer has been performing hypnosis, mentalism and magic shows professionally for many years with performances on TruTV, CW, Space, CBC and many more. As a Hollywood consultant, he has worked with A-list celebrities like Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, Looper) and Academy Award winning directors like Robert Zemeckis. He was also a top act at the largest comedy festival in the world with 1.5 million votes cast – Just For Laughs!

He continuously entertains across Canada and the US to destinations like New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He has also wowed audiences internationally from all over the Caribbean to Europe. MTV UK says “He’s Amazing!” while Discovery Channel refers to his abilities as “Ridiculous! Just crazy!”

His thriving career has enabled him to meet other inspirational entertainment figures like Jennifer Lopez, Dane Cook, Neil Patrick Harris, Guy Laliberté (Cirque du Soleil), David Copperfield, Martin Short and many more!

For more info, check out his website: www.spideymagic.com



Magician...Illusionist...Escape Artist.

For the past two decades, Joseph has honed his skills at various magical pursuits - from intricate close-up magic in a small intimate setting, to performing in arenas with crowds of over 14,000 people and everything in between.

Aside from his regular show, this expert stage manipulator amazes audiences with several unique specialty acts that he has created; employing everything from doves and citrus fruits to CDs, wine glasses and just about any other object he can get his hands on. Add in the perfect soundtrack, Joseph's quick wit and flair for comedic showmanship and you've got the show to end all shows!

In 2001, he made the leap from hobbyist to full-time professional, bringing his unique brand of magic to corporate and celebrity audiences. Macy’s, Microsoft, Costco, YMCA and the Seattle Supersonics are just a few who have sought him out to entertain at their corporate functions.

Three years ago, Joseph appeared on Penn and Teller's Wizard Wars on SyFy Channel and won the whole damn thing. At present, he is performing all over the world and can be caught at the Magic Castle in Hollywood on occasion, when he's not finalizing his 2018 year plan for total world domination.

For more info, check out his website: www.josephreohm.com


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The Surrealists are a magical trio of performers who have wowed audiences across the globe. They competed with the best of the best on Penn and Teller's "Wizard Wars" on SyFy. They blew the minds of TruTV viewers and judges through storytelling in a way that had never been seen before on the "Fake Off" stage. Spidey and Joel shared the stage with Penn and Teller once again for "Fool Us", Joseph was the featured magician on KidRock's music cruise through the Bahamas, Spidey blew Steve Harvey's mind on stage at the world famous Apollo. The guys are EVERYWHERE! Catch them if you can on Masters of Illusion on the CW - and there's no telling where they'll be next!

With backgrounds in close up magic, grand illusion and mentalism, The Surrealists will shatter stereotypes and push boundaries through magic that includes interaction with technology, big stunt illusions and much more, creating a performance that is anything but traditional.

Hailing from St. Louis, MO., Los Angeles, CA. and Montreal, Canada respectively, performers Joel Meyers, Joseph Réohm and Spidey may have different styles and origins, but they do have one thing in common: magic was a childhood dream and passion. As a result of their mutual success in the magic world, these three guys have become so close, they consider themselves brothers.


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